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Which Give'r Gloves are Best for Me?

One of the number one questions that we get from our community is “Which kind of gloves should I get?” The truth is… it depends! On where you live, what you do, and how you plan to use your gloves. To be totally honest, we believe nearly everyone has some kind of use for nearly every glove in our line up and encourage our customers to build their “Give’r Quiver” to keep their hands protected and warm no matter the conditions. But after ten years of answering this question we decided to dive in and answer the question “If I want to get one pair, which one should it be?”

Lightweight Give'r Gloves
#1 Lightweight Give’r Gloves

Our Lightweight gloves are what we call an Everyday Carry (EDC). They are straight shootin' tough and durable, but unlined and not waxed. We suggest these to our folks who live in warmer places or who plan to garden or work outdoors in the hot summer months. They also work great for climbing belay gloves, for horseback riding, or as a protective glove for construction work or projects. Their uses are endless but the number one thing to know about our Lightweights is that they’re designed for the HOT days.

Classic Give'r Gloves
#2 Classic Give’r Gloves

We may be biased, but our Classic Give’r Gloves are the best. And the best part about them is that the longer you wear them, the better they get. The Classics are made to do it all in cooler environments. Our community loves to wear them ski patrolling, rowing on the river, biking in the fall, and so much more. They’re insulated and waxed in Jackson Hole so they’re perfect for keeping warm when it’s too hot for mittens but too cold for Lightweights. These are our original Give'r Glove of 100 Uses and they’re resilient, rugged and ready for action.

For when you want dexterity but it’s cold as h*** we recommend our 4-Season Gloves. They’re the world’s most comfortable, versatile, and durable pair of waterproof, all-leather, insulated gloves made for the Give'r in us all. Starting on the outside, the 4-Season Gloves are constructed with rugged cowhide leather to ensure they withstand abrasion and keep your hands safe. We wax every pair of gloves by hand which adds a layer of weatherproofing - making it difficult for dirt and water to penetrate, adding to the leather’s longevity. Additional leather reinforcements have been added to high impact areas like the palm. Just underneath the leather exterior is a 100% waterproof membrane that serves to keep your hands completely dry on those cold fishing trips or on a rainy day out in the yard. Beneath the waterproof membrane is a foil heat reflector and wind stopper. This is the part that sometimes reminds people of a Michael Jackson glove. It’s only on the back of the hand and works to keep heat in and wind out. We’ve found this silver lining to be essential for activities where there is increased speed (snowmobiling, skiing, using a motorboat, etc.). Finally, the innermost layer of the 4 Season Glove is the premium insulation, which works to keep your hands warm and comfortable. The insulation forms to your hand over time, just as the leather breaks in as well, to create warm pockets ensuring your hands stay warm while increasing dexterity. For a finishing touch we added a fire-red cuff. This cozy cuff is designed to keep snow out and warmth in so you can play all day no matter the temperature. These gloves are burly and ready for all four seasons. 

Give'r Frontier Mittens

#4 Give’r Frontier Mittens

Last but certainly not least are our Give’r Frontier Mittens. We recommend these to people in the coldest of environments looking to stay out all day in freezing (or colder) temperatures. These mittens have all the same layers as the 4-Season Gloves do with EVEN MORE warmth. Since your fingers are all cozy together, they’ll stay super hot in these ultra-insulated mitts. With the same red cuff as our 4-Seasons, we like to say these are designed for an all-time Jackson Hole powder day (the kind of day that might make us a couple minutes late for work) but can be too hot for people who run super warm. Be present with your fingers – ask them how they feel in gloves. If you’re cold… these mittens will do the trick. 

No matter your location or the temperature of where you live, if you’re the hardworkin’ outdoor lovin’ type, Give’r gloves are made for you. Deciding which pair to get first can be a challenge, but worth the read and the break-in process, we promise. If after reading this you’ve still got questions, feel free to reach out with any questions you’ve still got.