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Ambassador Journal: Teddi Hofmann

“Academic Pursuits in the Tetons”

Graduate School in the Tetons… I don’t think I could ask for a more incredible location to be going to school. My campus is not only located in the isolated woods of Kelly, WY, but is within Grand Teton National Park. I am inspired each day waking up in my cabin in the Park not only to seek adventure in the mountains, but to challenge myself on paper; to become more knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna; to learn and practice effective methods of teaching; to inspire a sense of wonder within youth; to question and acknowledge differences within community; to simply recognize this “wild” place and take advantage of the opportunity to grow from shared experiences with others. Since beginning my graduate program in August, I have been challenged by different philosophies of education and ecological inquiry. Each article I read, paper I write, and class discussion I have, I am moving in the direction of living an even more inspired life as I make discoveries of what is known and even more importantly, what is unknown to me. It is my desire to learn and the opportunity to be “GREAT” that motivates me each day. I look forward to focusing on school in Wyoming over the course of the next two years to GIVE’R; to stimulate my mind intellectually and push my body physically in my outdoor classroom of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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  • Remember to respect the knowledge and wisdom of others, remembering your upbringing, being accountable, keep your life style grounded and continue to grow as a professional.

    Tom Hofmann

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