Andras Simon

foothill ranch, california

Growing up in Foothill Ranch, California, has afforded me the opportunity to practice my passion of Downhill Mountain Biking on a daily basis. I entered my first race in 2012, not concerned about the results but more wanting to experience the thrill of a race. Despite being extremely nervous, I placed third and discovered that with a lot of practice and hard training, I could continue to be successful.  Later in the year, I finished first in a 5-race series at a local event. I raced CAT 3 up until October, when I picked up a few smaller sponsors and moved up to CAT 2.  In the beginning of 2013, I placed third in the CAT 2 series which brought on more sponsorship interest from larger companies. Fortunately I was picked up by a factory team, giving me confidence to continue to move up in the sport. I am currently in CAT 1/Expert Men's division, where I race some of the fastest riders in the country. I was recently named the fastest 15-year old in the state of California, and the second fastest in the western United States.

To me, choosing to Give'r means not just to ride, but to give it your all, even if there are risks at stake. When Given'r in a race, I love going huge next to the crowd and getting them fired up!