Dan Erdman

new york, ny

Currently residing in New York City as a Producer/Director for HBO, I attribute all successes and failures to being born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  Hopefully the former will outshine the latter. Go Buckeyes. I attended Elon University in North Carolina where I began work on my first documentary film “Fear in Florida.”

My post collegiate career led me to New York in 2006, where I have pursued filmmaking, producing and writing. In March 2009 I founded 1515 Films, a media company focusing primarily on documentary film and television development. Most Recently I’ve been working with HBO Creative Services on long format promotional material which directly supports their original programming.

Currently I am finishing work on a yet untitled documentary about photographer Richard Corman, which will be released sometime in 2012. As a filmmaker I’m constantly changing the size, scope, and subject of my films. As a producer I relentlessly search for the perfect story and the perfect writer and the perfect financier that fits the project. But as a human being, I understand that at the end of the day, what we are doing is merely entertainment, and that people around the world are suffering a worse fate than any of us could ever imagine. As someone who cares deeply about the problems of the world, big and small, I’ve come to appreciate the ways in which the entertainment industry can raise awareness, support a cause, and give back to those who need help, and I continue to challenge myself to do more each day…and give’r.