Erick Nelson

Jackson, Wyoming

A big fan of having fun outdoors, Give'r guest designer Erick Nelson has spent the better part of his life making his way into the mountains. Raised in Massachusetts with a deep respect for skilled craft and hard work, he travelled west to study art in Colorado in the shadow of Pike's Peak. Drawn by the community of artistically minded individuals and outdoor enthusiasts, he headed north and now calls Jackson, WY home.

Erick's primary medium for the last few years has been woodcut printmaking. The physicality of the process is particularly appealing, a sort of sculptural draftsmanship with plenty of opportunity to get your hands dirty. Exploring the beauty and wonder of his natural surroundings and those characters that populate it is how he chooses to Give'r. Giving it all he's got to capture some sort of fleeting truth or quiet feeling…this is what he's all about.