Grey East

jackson, wy

Have you ever known someone who feels at peace in the airport? More relaxed in the bustling terminals and ever-shrinking airline seats than at home? Always ready to spend ten hours in the car just to have five at the destination. Turbulence might as well be sweet lullabies to these folks the way it makes them sleep. A rare breed of individuals, travel junkies live amongst us like the aliens Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones hunt down in Men in Black. Disguising themselves as average, everyday citizens. They maintain jobs, ski, fish, bike, climb and generally Give’r year round. That is, until that itch starts again... Then they’re off. Crisscrossing the state, country or world. Travel junkies are relentless in their pursuit to see as many square feet of the globe as possible in one, oh so short, lifetime. Natives of here, there and everywhere, in between they pay rent just to have somewhere to recharge the body and bank account between trips. But don’t let that fool you, they may have a mailing address and a bed in a room but their true home is on the road, in the skies or out at sea.

You may be asking yourself, “How could you possibly know the ins and outs of this dark corner of society – surely you don’t associate with these degenerates.” I’ll tell you, on the assumption that if you’re here visiting this page you must be giving your life to something and will be sympathetic of my problem. Sadly, I have become one of them. I caught the incurable desire to GO and all I can do is scratch that itch. Recently I have taken the biggest step towards travel freedom I could conjure – learning to fly. And that’s how I choose to Give’r. Decisively dividing my time between the recreation opportunities Jackson WY has to offer, chasing those new journeys travel affords and setting myself up for a lifetime of it by becoming an aviator. The Give’r philosophy helps me answer the classic question “what are you doing with your life?” and I’m excited to help it take flight!