Jake Allen

On Tour

When I was a young boy growing up in the pines of northern Michigan, I never found a place where I fit in. Different hobbies and cliques would attract me in for a while, but I’d eventually lose interest. The only constant thing that actually stuck around, was music.

My father has been a musician all of his life. I grew up watching him perform live and tool shed away at recordings in his home studio. I was intrigued by his studio creations, and by age five I was chipping away at my own little recordings. Into my teenage years, I started to see the studio as a sacred place where I could retreat whenever I needed an escape from the proverbial real world.

As life went on, I committed to a musical path and started touring the States as a solo artist. Around this time and without warning, I found myself in an existential crisis at age nineteen. An immense feeling of depersonalization flooded my senses and I felt a million miles away from my family, my closest friends, and most eerily from myself. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t feel. That was when my life’s deeper work began.

I knew I was not the first person to feel this way. I knew that if I worked with it properly, my unfolding story could bring comfort to those in a similar disposition. That’s when I started to dig deep, alchemize the situation and create music about it. Not only would this music be used for my own healing, but it would also be there in recorded form to aid those going through similar things in life. I emerged from the studio with the album Etherica that encapsulated all I was going through.

I realized that the numbness that had ambushed my life was actually a blessing in the sense that it gave me the ability to travel - both mentally and physically, way outside of the bounds of my original comfort zones. That’s where the real lessons of life lie, waiting to be discovered. Throughout this process of discovery, I picked up many valuable lessons and skills along the way. I tapped into the deepest physiological aspects of making art and harvested my findings. These findings had to be shared.

I’ve toured all around the world performing and speaking about my experiences with the hope of spreading inspiration to others on their own warrior journey. I’ve worked with other artists in the studio, producing, coaching, and helping them reach into the darkest and brightest corners of themselves to inject their true authenticity into their own recordings. The act of faithfully plummeting into the unknown, harvesting knowledge from places far outside of comfort zones, and returning with new wisdom to alchemize my stories and the stories of others into art, that is my Give’r.