Jake Hall

Denver, Colorado

I am always happiest when I am in the mountains, whether I am fishing for trout in freezing streams and lakes, climbing 14ers, or camping with friends. I love going out into the unknown and learning both new and improved survival and technical skills, in any discipline, and in every experience, more about myself.

Life is about experiences, and you have to give’r to get’r. Whether that means climbing a peak just to prove you can or by taking the hardest but most interesting classes so you can to be the most competent in your field. My first experience with the concept of choosing to “Give’r” was at Teton Valley Ranch Camp, a backpacking, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding camp in Dubois, Wyoming. While at this camp, everyone used the phrase “You bet,” which is a state of mind reminding you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Whether it is climbing 14’ers, skiing, kayaking, fishing, camping, or discovering what I will do with the rest of my life, I strive to Give’r each and every day, and frequently respond to questions with, “you bet!”