Jake Hall

Denver, Colorado

I am always happiest when I am in the mountains, whether fishing, skiing, climbing 14ers, or camping with friends. I love going out into the unknown and learning about myself, the world I live in, and how I can better connect to it. There’s nothing like standing in the middle of a river and realizing that you are part of the watershed. You have to pay attention to the plants, the terrain, water quality, the bugs; you have to know where the fish are, what makes a good habitat, what kinds of water features they like; and you realize, in that moment, that the political decisions you make, the way you consume the world and it’s things, even the way you put out your campfire affects the river ecosystem that is so beautiful, thriving and clean.

No matter what I’m doing, I strive to Give’r each and every day, and give everybody and every opportunity a big “you bet!”