Johnny Ripley

laramie, wyoming

Moving west after college, I spent 4 years in Jackson chasing every opportunity to be fishing, hunting or otherwise enjoying time outside. During this time, I guided snowmobile, fly fishing and horseback trips in the amazing open spaces of northwest Wyoming. Slowly, I came to realize that one of my favorite aspects of guiding was the opportunity to share what I know with others. This led me to pursue a career in education, in Laramie at the University of Wyoming.

Fishing and hunting continually take me to amazing places. As great as the regular, familiar places continue to be, the adventure and challenge of learning about a new river or different mountain is what makes these passions so rewarding. Whether I’m showing a friend how to catch Snake River Cutthroats or learning how to hunt high country mule deer, I love the exchange of knowledge and the reward that comes with each discovery. There’s nothing better than catching a fish in a new place or finding deer on a new mountain, except perhaps the relationships that result from sharing these experiences.