Luke Walker

victor, id

Being born in Wyoming, I was raised with a deep appreciation for the outdoors. There was no better playground for a kid than the one that was right outside my front door; I could kayak the Snake River, ski the Tetons, and skate on Jackson Lake. There was always something to explore, something exciting, new, and challenging. The challenges only increased once I moved out to LA in pursuit of my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. The adjustment wasn't an easy one, but it was certainly educational. At first, it was hard to see the beauty in the mad rush of the city, but like with most things, I dig a little deeper, and there is so much more than meets the eye. Some of my most exciting adventures have happened here, there are rivers to be kayaked, mountains to be climbed, and islands to explore. It was in LA that I became an avid photographer, simply because there was so much to be captured. Now, I look forward to every new place and challenge life presents, because the more different it is from what I know, the more it has to Give'r.