Matt Inbusch

washington, dc

You wanna go where? And do what?? Over the years I’ve heard this response in several languages on a few different continents – and there is truly nothing I love more. From summers in the Tetons, to adventures as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru, to development projects in West Africa and Eastern Europe, I’ve had incredible opportunities to travel the world and get involved in some inspiring work. And while I’m insanely jealous of my buddies who get to call the Great American West their home, I truly believe that happiness is about living life to the max wherever you find yourself, and sharing that experience with others. So yes, I do plan on riding this dinky bike up a winding mountain road all day to check out that ancient Buddhist temple; yes, I do play hoops in that part of town; yeah, you really can play that Biggie tune on acoustic guitar; and no, I wasn’t kidding about going for a run in that city – stray dogs and crazy traffic and smog and all. Because if I don’t do it, I’ll end up on the receiving end of stories like that. I’d much rather be the one telling them – and challenging others to get out there and just Give’r.