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Return Policy

We stand by you, our customers and community, and take great pride in our products and service. We want you to be 100% confident in your decision to give'r!

Thing to Consider Before Returning:

  • Have you tried the Oven Method? If not, give’r a go - view video!
  • Take your time breaking in your product, our 6 Month Guarantee is no joke! Beat ‘em up, break ‘em in, and if you still aren’t stoked in a few days, weeks, or months, we’ve got your back!  
  • Scroll to bottom of page for Return FAQs!

Return FYI:

We guarantee every product we produce. To show our confidence in our products and service, we believe that the usual 30 day warranty isn't long enough. Our team is proud to offer you a 6 Month Guarantee to ensure you are as stoked as possible on your purchase and to properly express the confidence we have in our products. 

Refunds requested beyond this time will not be accepted.  

If you've received an order with a product that doesn't fit like you had hoped or has any other issues, we are happy to provide you with a refund for that product within six months of the purchase date.

At this time we do not offer exchanges.

If you have received your order as a gift but are interested in returning, we are happy to refund you in the way of store credit!

I'm Ready to Return:

1. Fill out the Give’r Return Form - upon your entry, we will provide a return label.

2. Once package is in the mail, please let us know via text or email. Upon receiving your tracking info, we will process your refund (minus the restocking fee if applicable, see below). The refund will be issued back to your original payment method unless this was a gift. In this case, a store credit will be issued.

3. Expedited Option: You are welcome to expedite an exchange for any item(s) by simply placing an order for your desired product. We will process this order and send it your way as quickly as possible.

    Branding and Customization:

    If you choose to receive branded initials on your Frontier Mittens, 4-Season, Classic, or Lightweight Gloves and determine afterwards that you need a different size, we can assure you that a return can still happen. In order to meet on middle ground, we ask for a restocking fee (we are still able to refund your product minus the following restocking fee). 

    For example:

    • You order a branded pair of Classic Give’r Gloves = $49.00 
    • Your refund will be $34.00 ($49.00 - $15.00 Restocking Fee)

    Restocking Fee Breakdown:

         Frontier Mittens = $30.00/pair
         4-Season Gloves = $25.00/pair
         Classic Gloves = $15.00/pair
         Lightweight Gloves = $10.00/pair
         Children's Mittens = $10.00/pair

    What does the restocking fee cover?

    We’re so glad you asked! As a small company working out of our Garage still, we aren’t at the point yet where we can afford to eat the cost of an entire pair of gloves completely. We hope to get to this point in due time, but your restocking fee helps cover the cost of the new pair of gloves and keeps our lights on and branders hot!

    Holidays and Gift(s):

    Here at Give’r, we support those of you shopping for gifts and checking the box off early! The 6 month warranty will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis as long as the original purchaser made note of the items being a gift. *Please write into the ‘NOTES’ section at checkout!* 

    Shipping Costs:

    Shipping costs are non-refundable and we can only be held responsible for the cost of shipping if we are at fault for the original shipment.


    1. Is there any way to expedite the break-in process?

    Many of our customers have found great success with the Oven Method! This quick process  accelerates the break in process. Please view our video (view video here) to see how best to break-in your gloves and to learn how they are designed to break in after the first few uses.

     Still not sure? Let us help you out, email us via 

    “Out of the box, they were a bit snug, but the included explanation warned me to expect a break-in period. After three days of skiing, the gloves fit much better as the liners packed out a bit.” – Jamie S.

      “I have had the 4 season gloves for a few weeks now and am very happy with how they are getting better with use and time. Very well built and designed.” – David N. 


    2. What if I need a different size?

    Great question! With our Return Policy, this makes the process much faster. Simply send your Item back to us, and once we receive we'll process a refund. Once you receive your refund, you are welcome to place a new order at your convenience for the desired item/size. We strive to fulfill orders within 1-2 business days of ordering.


    3. I received my item(s) as a gift – how do I determine the Order #?

    Having your Order # makes the exchange or return process much more seamless.  The Order # can be found in the original email sent to the purchaser. If unable to locate your Order #, please fill out the Give’r Return Form with the name of the purchaser included, as well as any additional information that may be helpful.


    4. I am ordering a gift for someone in advance, will the 6 Month Guarantee still be in effect?

    Please review the “Holidays and Gift(s)” and section above for complete detailing on the eligibility of items received as gifts.

    *Please include notation of gifting in the ‘NOTES’ section at checkout!*


    5. How do I process a refund for my international order?

    The return of an international order is best handled on a case-by-case basis. Please email if you would like to make a return from outside of the United States, and we will look forward to finding the best and most efficient route for taking care of business!


    6. What if I purchased the item from somewhere other than GIVE-R.COM (e.g. retailer or 3rd party)?

    Exchanges/Returns must be handled by whomever the product was purchased from. We are unable to accept exchanges/returns from other retailer sources at this time.


     7. How long will it take to process my refund?

    We will always be given’r to ensure that your return/refund is processed as efficiently as possible. We strive for a quick turn-around, though slate an allowance of up to 7 days for your refund to be fully processed.


    Additional Questions?

    Please email our Customer Service Squad at