Sarah Olson

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I grew up in a Give’r family; camping, biking, hiking, and exploring with my brother, parents, uncles/aunts cousins. I was carried in a backpack on hikes before I could walk, wore skis for the first time shortly after I learned to walk, and went on long distance camping/biking trips in elementary school, learning to carry my own gear on my bike and cook meals by the campfire. This lifestyle suits me, and I continue to choose it for myself.

I grew up in the city of Minneapolis, exposed to many activities as kids in the suburbs are. But my passion has always been endurance sports, and my favorite is nordic skiing. My adventures have become the best memories thanks to skiing. Recently, I accepted a scholarship to ski for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and am super stoked to start my freshman year in the fall of 2019. I am so excited for the opportunities of adventure that are unique to Alaska, travel the country doing what I love most, and meeting other give’rs.

When I’m not out skiing, camping, running, biking and adventuring, you can find me cooking delicious meals in the kitchen and expressing my creativity through art.