Terry Goguen

Terry Goguen, Give'r Ambassador, JoyRyde
Weston, Massachusetts

I am the oldest of six children, who all play hockey, so I inherently do a lot of chauffeuring to practices. As I was driving back from practice, with my two little brothers in the back seat, I began messing around on my phone. Before I knew it I was across the double yellow lines heading into oncoming traffic. Luckily, I was able to swerve back into my lane, without any harm done to me, my siblings or others on the road. Shortly after this incident, my sister, who was 17 at the time, admitted that when she totaled my car two months prior, she was on her phone when the incident occurred.  With her full focus elsewhere, she hit a tree and was blessed to make it out relatively unscathed, luckily sustaining only a concussion.

With two frightening incidents affecting myself and my family, I looked into this problem, and found that these stories haunted the news. More and more, kids are getting into crashes while they play around on their phones.

After the day with my brothers, and knowledge of how many kids and families were affected by this widespread issue, I decided to do something to make a change, and began developing a program called JoyRyde.  I haven’t looked back since, and have been giving everything I’ve got to this program and desire to motivate safe driving practices.

JoyRyde is a mobile phone application that rewards safe, phone-free driving through easy use and the support of others who want to help change how we drive.  Partnering with companies, we are able to provide our safe-driving users with a wide range of rewards!  Joyryde's mission is to make the roads safe for everyone in a fun and interactive way…one mile at a time.