Veronica Tuerffs

Las Vegas, NV

The summit: that moment of clarity on a climb when you get the 360-degree panoramic view. It’s breathtaking. You can literally stand on top of your goal and think “I did it!” Those seconds may best be described in one word: Give’r.

But, Give’r is associated with more than that brief amount of time. The Give’r mentality spills over into the entire journey. It also takes place when you are going over a trip route plan with your partner.  It’s making your playlist for that bluebird day on the slopes. It’s the training runs you go on before race day. It’s those days when you are inside, hitting refresh on the weather forecast page.

Recognizing you are continuously on an adventure called “life” is a powerful, beautiful thing. Our lives are made up of moments stacked on top of moments. To me, Give’r is the ability to notice you are currently alive… currently living a treasured moment.

Adventure has a reputation of being at a constant, high-speed pace. I urge you to Give’r time to slow down, and notice passion and dreams during all occasions. Take time to really take in the sunset, be fully immersed in earnest conversation with friends, and to stop and just take a deep breath of cool, mountain air.