Vince Lauro

yacht captain

One would never guess that I was born and raised in landlocked Columbus, Ohio, as my adult life has been entirely based on the ocean.

At 15 years old, I relocated to southern Florida and was exposed to true coastal living. From there, it did not take me long to fall in love with fishing, boating, and scuba diving. Thus, my adventures began as I quickly became a waterman and found my true passion, having everything to do in and on the water.

Later, as a dive instructor, I decided to take my love for the ocean to the next level. I packed up and headed to St. Thomas where I attended the University of the Virgin Islands. After five amazing years studying the underwater world, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology. With my wealth of knowledge above and below the surface, I was introduced to the amazing world of yachting and have since made a career out of it. After years of experience as a mariner, I successfully completed my 16 hundred-ton US coastguard captain license at the age of 28. Yachting has given me the unique opportunity to travel from the most beautiful and popular vacation destinations to the most remote, untouched destinations around the world.

As captain of the 140ft motor yacht, Just Enough, I am proud to say that I love what I do and do what I love, everyday! There is no better feeling than showing someone the underwater world for the first time, organizing their trip of a lifetime or encouraging clients to Give’r and take a chance they wouldn't consider otherwise.

Living and traveling the world on the high seas allows me to take full advantage of my favorite activities of kite surfing, diving, SUP, photography, mountain biking and anything else that keeps me in the great outdoors.  This unconventional life of continuous travel and living out of my comfort zone has allowed me to become a well-rounded ambassador for living a positive Give’r lifestyle.

“I pray there is no reincarnation, as nothing could equal the journey I’ve had. Everything else would just be a boring encore” – Taos Ski Valley Founder, Ernie Blake