Dale! T-Shirt

We are psyched to introduce the dale! T-shirt!  It is not a tribute to Hugh Bette's best friend Dale (who is a really solid guy), but rather a different take on the classic Give'r shirt we all love.  Let us explain...

Since the first days of Give'r, we have heard from ambassadors and friends about colloquial sayings in different cultures and languages that possessed the same energy and meaning as "give'r".  In this circumstance, the phrase dale (pronounced dah-lay) is used in countless Spanish speaking countries and regions to say "get after it", "send it" or "just give'r".  The exclamations on both sides (preceding is upside down) denote an exclamatory phrase, which we can think of no better example than dale!

Choosing to give'r represents a lifestyle of giving it your all, no matter what path you take.  Similarly, the language spoken in describing this choice is merely a vehicle which possesses the power to inspire.

Sizing and Specs:
-Unisex, Euro style fit in neck, shoulders and sleeves
-Hand sewn Give’r label on sleeve
-4.5 oz Preshrunk, 100% Cotton
-Deluxe 30's ring spun softness

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