KN95 Respirator Masks

Available in single, 2-Pack, 10-Pack or 100-Pack quantities

**Following the initial response, it is very likely we will sell out of inventory of masks rather quickly.  We will have additional units soon, and if want to be first to know when available, please enter email address above to utilize the "Notify me when this product becomes available" feature and we'll let you know via email as soon as we have a status update.**

The last several months have proven all but normal for each and every one of us.  We are grateful to all essential workers and front-line medical angels who have been given'r 110% during a time of greatest need. 

As a company and team, it has been challenging to identify ways to help, outside of distancing and following health and safety recommendations, and we are certainly not alone on that front.  But, we have remained optimistic and continued expanding what could be possible while thinking "outside the box".

Over the last 3-4 weeks, we heard from a number of customers and community members sharing their need for PPE and, more specifically, regarding face masks.  We're most excited and hopeful to provide these masks to you and the greater Give'r community, with greatest thanks to our manufacturing partners who rose to the occasion in helping us procure these KN95 respirator masks.

Give'r + Give Details for KN95 Face Masks
- ALL proceeds from KN95 mask sales are going directly towards supplying and donating masks for people, organizations and communities who need them most.

- We don't have infinite supply, but what we do have, we hope to get into your hands at a cost that is super reasonable and without any inflation for you, family members and employees.
- We are a team with limited resources and size, but with every ounce of impact we can have, we strive to maximize it towards the greater good in whatever ways possible.

If you are in need of masks, or know someone or an organization that needs them, and cannot purchase them, please send us an email to and we will do everything in our power to help to the greatest degree we are able.

We will update when feasible/appropriate with the organizations who have been helped thanks to YOU, with current list of recipients and distributors as follows:
- Habitat for Humanity
- Collaborating with Spread the Love Commission to serve:
      Homeless in Salt Lake City
      Wind River Reservation
- Local FedEx Office
- Local USPS office
& 230+ Individual Recipients

To Note:
- The masks are KN95 certified, meaning they have been tested and certified as a non-powered air-purifying particulate respirators, model SD-KN95.
- We are not scientists, doctors or specialists, and these masks are not in our traditional zone of expertise or product offering.  Additionally, we do not have laboratories to test each mask ourselves, but share that WE are using them as are our friends, family and community members.  Amidst a lot of unknowns, we are just trying to speak simply and honestly, hoping to do as much GOOD as is possible. 

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