River Runner Neck Coozie 6-Pack Mix-Pack

"It's about dang time!"  We've heard your requests and with the new River Runner Neck Coozie 6-Pack Mix-Pack, the need for picking a single Give'r River Runner color is over!

Hugh is stoked to get you and your crew geared up for some fishing, canoeing, paddle boarding, floating, rowing, grilling...the list is endless. The 6-Pack Mix-Pack contains the same high quality, fan favorite neck coozies we've always had, but now you'll know which beverage is yours as you hand out the assorted color to your pals!

When it comes to practical accessories, we put this gem on a pedestal.  Made of 100% polyester, the River Runner features Fishing, Biking, Climbing and Skiing on one side of the coozie, with the Give'r Logo on the other. Whether you call them a koozie, a croozie or a leasure-neck-tie, know that these bad boys are river tested, and Give'r approved.

How the 6-Pack Mix-Pack Works:
You are guaranteed two Red, White, and Blue and two Light Grey River Runners. The other two are up to Hugh and the Crew! Possible colors are: Green and White, White and Black, Blue and Silver, and maybe more?! After all, it is Hugh's Secret 'Stache and it's full of surprises...

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