FREE Bonus Wax Packet

This is a FREE packet of wax for those that have used their gloves to the EXTREME and need to give them a little love. The $1.50 (and $1 shipping fee, which may apply) covers our shipping costs to get you the goods. The packet itself is 100% free to keep you protected against the elements no matter how you use your gloves!

Here's how to re-wax your Give'r Gloves:

1) Clean off any dirt that may of built up on your gloves with a wet cloth.

2) Warm your gloves up in a regular kitchen oven set to 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 1-2 minutes. This ensures the leather pores are open and can receive the new wax. Make sure the plastic clips are not touching any metal in the oven.

2) Put your gloves on and rub all of the wax from the package over the leather. Be sure to spread an even layer over the entire surface of the glove. This will alter the color of the gloves. 

3) Once the wax is rubbed in, place your gloves back in the oven for 5-6 minutes at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This lets the wax seep into the leather. 

It's as easy as that!

*Please note, 4- Season Gloves are already waterproof through a waterproof membrane built into the glove. The wax simply adds another layer of protection against the elements. 

*Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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