10 Years of Given'r

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This thing called time is a funny little concept. We know we can’t change it. Yet some days fly by with nothing more than a blink while others drag each minute into an everlasting string of methodical ticks and tocks. That might sound a bit philosophical, but we can’t help it. We’re catchin’ all the feels here at Give’r! It’s been 10 years since Give’r was born, and that’s just too damn surreal! An idea brought to life by seven friends on a rafting trip 2,400 miles away from home has now reached across 50 states, 45+ countries, and all 7 continents right before our eyes.

Remember that old saying? Something to do with time flyin’ and fun? Well here in 2022, as we look back on a decade of given’r, that saying feels all too true. Maybe it’s the memories we’ve logged. Or perhaps the friendships we’ve gained. Either way, we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a community of do-ers. To the adventurers, powderhounds, river rafters, up at dawn-ers, good-time seekers, full-senders, backyard grillers, and all those who rise to the occasion…thank you. Because of you, Give’r gear has tackled the snowy slopes of Mt. Reiner, Mt. Everest, Denali, the Grand Tetons, Half Dome, Mt. Elbert, and that’s just page one! You’ve also picked coconuts in Maui, hitched helicopter rides in Antarctica, handled apex predator raptors, caught crabs off the coast of Maryland, shucked oysters in Maine, and chopped more wood than woodchuck could.

To honor a decade of do-ing, we’re sharing ten of our favorite Give’r moments. Lace up your boots, get your *^&%# outside, and keep on given’r. We’ll see you out there!

1. Launch Party

Give'r Launch Party
Back in 2012, we celebrated the launch of the the Give-r.com website! Built on the foundation of giving it your all, we look forward to another decade Give'r!

2. Come One, Come All

First Kickstarter Fulfillment Marathon
Thanks to people like you, our first Kickstarter campaign for our 4-Season Gloves was bigger than we could have imagined! So big that family, friends, and the Give'r Crew came together to produce, wax, brand, and ship over 4,000 4-Season Gloves. Many-a-late nights but all gloves went out on time!

3. Ben Jones Summits Mt. Everest

Ambassador Ben Jones Summits Mt. Everest with Give'r Gear
Give'r Ambassador Ben Jones conquers the world renowned Mt. Everest. We are stoked that our gear hitched a ride to the top. Keep on given'r Ben!

4. Our First Global Headquarters

Give'r HQ in Jackson, Wyoming
Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we finally had a place to call home! If you're in the area, come check us out and see how the sausage is made. Plus, big things are coming soon as we are openin' a second location in Victor, Idaho!

5. Olympic Alpine Skier Bode Miller Joins The Stoke

Bode Miller with his Give'r 4-Season Gloves
6-time Olympic medalist, World Cup champion, and Adventure Capitalist Bode Miller jumps aboard the Give'r train equipped with his very own 4-Season Gloves!

6. Give'r Goes To Antarctica 

Woman in Antarctica with Give'r 4-Season Gloves
Thanks to our good friend Anjelica and her sea dog companion, Give'r gloves withstand the highest, driest, coldest, and windiest continent on Earth!

7. Kickstart My Heart - Give'r "Crue"

Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover and Frontier Mittens Kickstarter Campaigns
Crowdfunding has been a HUGE part of our brand, community, and growth. With the love and support of those who Give'r, we came back for seconds (and thirds)! In 2018, we launched our Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover followed by our toasty warm Frontier Mittens the following year.

8. Mittens For A Cause

Breast Cancer Awareness Limited Edition Pink Frontier MittensIn conjunction with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, we launched our very first, limited-edition, pink colorway Frontier Mittens. Check 'em out in Hugh's Secret Stache! $20 from each sale are donated to support the foundation and breast cancer research.

9. Visiting The Teton Raptor Center 

Woman holding own at Teton Raptor Center
Right here in our backyard, the Teton Raptor Center (TRC) is making great efforts to protect these valued apex predators. We met up with the TRC team to learn all about these magnificent birds. See the whole interview here!

10. I Got My Own Shirt!!

Give'r spokesperson Hugh Bette gets his own base layer
Give’r Spokesperson Hugh Bette (yup, that's me) got his very own shirt with the Throwback Base Slayer! Neon skis, pink headband, and an electric onesie...now that's fashion. These puppies sold out fast but, don't sweat, we've got new gear on the horizon!
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