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The Oven Method: Thanksgiving Edition

A Tried & True Recipe.

Like a well-worn, long-loved baseball mitt, the break in process is super important. But if you feel your gloves fit a little on the snug side or just can't wait to put 'em to use, you're in the right spot. Welcome to the "Oven Method." As trusty as grandma’s pumpkin pie, this simple six step process will help your gloves form to your hand and get you on your way to the warmest, most comfortable pair possible.

Oven set to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Step by step.

Step #1: Set your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step #2: Once heated, pop your gloves or mittens in the oven. We recommend placing them in an “A-Frame” with thumbs facing inward and steel D-rings pointing up. If you have wrist leashes, be sure to remove them first so they don’t burn!

Baking your mittens at home

Step #3: Set a timer for 4 minutes.

Step #4: When the timer is up, take out your gloves and immediately put them on while they’re still warm.

Step #5: With the leather soft and supple from the oven, grab a broom and sweep the deck, hold on to some ski poles and practice your mid-slope photo pose, or simply squeeze your hand into a fist like you’re working a stress ball. These grabbing actions help create memory in the leather while packing out the insulation to form the gloves to your hands quicker. And don’t forget to work that thumb, mitten bakers!

Step #6: Get stoked on a pair that not only fits like a glove…but fits like YOUR glove!


After you have worked your 4-Season Gloves, firmly grab the tips of your fingers before removing your hand to keep the liner in place. As the gloves break in, the liner and insulation will pack out making it easier to remove your hands without worry.

** Make sure you do not leave your gloves/mittens in the oven longer than the recommended 4 minutes. Give’r is not accountable for gloves/mittens that are forgotten or were not properly placed in the oven.
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