The Oven Method | Breaking in the Best Gloves Ever

Our orders are picking up, the holidays are on the horizon, and we’re getting more and more questions from our community about how best to prep Give’r gloves for ski season. We take pride in making gear that gets better with time and just like a well-worn, long-loved baseball mitt, the break in process is super important. With a little elbow grease we promise the time and love you give to your gloves (or mittens) will give you the final result of your dreams. To expedite the process, we recommend using what we call the “Oven Method.” This simple six step process will help your gloves form to your hand specifically and start you on your way to the warmest, most comfortable pair possible. Here’s the down low:

Step #1: Turn your oven on to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step #2: Once heated, pop your gloves or mittens in the oven! We recommend placing them in an “A Frame” with the thumbs out to make sure the clips on the side don’t burn.

Mittens in oven

Step #3: Set a timer for 4 minutes.

Pink Mittens

Step #4: When the timer is up, take out your gloves and immediately put them on while they’re still warm.

Pink mittens

Step #5: While the leather is soft and supple from the oven, use the pair for activities like shoveling and pull-ups or make fists to begin the break-in process. These grabbing actions help create memory in the leather, while packing out the insulation to form the gloves/mittens to your hands more quickly.


Step #6: Get stoked on gloves (or mittens) that now fit you...well…like a glove!

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