12 Ways to Use Your Lightweights

Lightweight Give’r Gloves - as versatile as they are durable - straight shootin’ and yet oh-so-comfortable.

Summer is in full swing, and no doubt you’re getting out and Given’r. From one summer-lover to another, your hands will appreciate these beauties when you're getting after it. Discover a dozen warm weather uses for the Give’r Lightweight Gloves.

1) Starting a garden, searching for morels, or just diggin’ in the dirt in general

2) Gathering firewood

3) Riding motorcycles, ATVs, and 4x4s

4) As a gift for your friend with a summer birthday 

5) Rowing your raft/ drift boat or working the lines aboard your sailboat

6) Slicing open a coconut - AKA “A Freshie”

7) Horseback riding and roping

8) DIY home improvement and renovation projects

9) Clearing brush, barbed wire, fencing and other classic ranch tasks

10) Mountaineering, backpacking, and outdoor adventuring 

11) Walking your dog on a chilly morning... brrrr!

12) Picking up trash around the neighborhood

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