AJ Fountain

AJ Fountain Give'r Ambassador, Team Squatch
Fort Collins, CO

Choosing to Give'r means breaking the routine. It means calling off work even though you shouldn't, just so you can get up in the backcountry to gain perspective. We have a choice, and when societal routines and societal goals seep into our thoughts it our job to be more then what society says we should be. To break free and learn, explore, challenge and grow. Sure, it invokes suffering, but it's so worth it. Of course this looks different for everyone, but for me it means being outside as much as possible and continuing to challenge myself further every time I'm on the bike, run, climb, kayak, etc. To me, choosing to Give'r means breathing, smiling and thanking into God for the nature and community around me and then going out to enjoy it with people and alone.

I co-own a men's natural grooming company called Dr. Squatch.  We're working to help elevate people's shower game with our fresh and outdoorsy smelling soap bars. My job is one of my greatest blessings. I form partnerships with sweet companies and invent new, revolutionary natural grooming products.

I love getting wild in the wild (naked plunges into cold bodies of water). I'm passionate about pushing the boundaries. I'm passionate about working together to feel, explore, and create far beyond any of us thought possible. I'm passionate about transforming the current notion of community something much more intimate. I'm passionate about preserving God's beauty in nature for generations to come and enjoying it for decades to come through every outdoor recreation sport known to man. Such is my Give'r philosophy.