Britt Ahart


Sometimes you don't know what path you're on until you take the first step.  I was adopted before birth and raised in Virginia in the suburbs of Reston.  Always the wandering sort, I spent a lot of my youth playing in the woods for fishing with friends.  I spent a little time in the scouts, but found I was way more interested in fishing, hiking and camping than I was in earning merit badges.  My love of the outdoors grew as I did and in my 30's I found my wife and moved to the country in Ohio.  Here I finally had the land and space to play!
My adventurous spirit encouraged me to practice some bushcraft and that eventually led to me apply for the outdoor survivalist show called "Alone" which airs on The History Channel.  I completed in two separate seasons in Patagonia and Mongolia, spending 35 days and 56 days in the bush.  Learning from my mistakes, I took a solid pair of 4-Season Give-r's Gloves.  Daily, I put these gloves to the test in the frigid terrain of the Mongolia wilderness and they did not disappoint.
For me, choosing the Give'r product made me able.  I've had gloves that had broken down and exposed my hands to all sorts of elements.  Damage hands were part of my downfall in Patagonia.  Knowing I could lean on the reliability of this product filled me with a sense of comfort.  Not having to worry about the construction, I was able to push and work hard.