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 denver, colorado

To Give’r, or not to Give’r, that is the question.

Life is filled with a multitude of questions, yet unfortunately not nearly as many answers.  Someone once gave me a key piece of advice on life, “Wander and wonder.”  Nothing too complicated, and when put into action, the results and outcome can be significant.  To wander throughout life is not necessarily a bad thing, as it brings a refreshing thrill to every day that is filled with new experiences, friends, relationships, and views.  To wonder and to look at life curiously cannot be harmful either, as it evokes insightful thinking and drives inspiration and the sense of adventure.  The fulfilling lifestyle of Give’r instills a similar cause and effect relationship, as it drives one to live with passion and curiosity while seeking out whichever new adventure life may bring.

Growing up as a young boy in Columbus, Ohio, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and family who harnessed the beauty and excitement that comes with the outdoors.  Whether it was combing the woods of Kentucky with my uncle on my first turkey hunt, snagging a trout out of an Ohio stream with friends, or water skiing across a northern bay, my passion and energy for new experiences began at an early age.  In college, I chose to forgo the internship hunt and instead filled my summers educating others on the outdoors while backpacking throughout the Wyoming Gros Ventre and Wind River mountain ranges, all while meeting some of my best friends to this day.

I have since moved to Denver, Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains are in my backyard and new adventures are only a short drive away.  Life is about balance, and balance is indeed obtainable with the bustle of Denver city life coupled with friends and family who share my appetite for the nearby Rockies.

So, for those looking for an adventure, curious about what it feels like to wander while wondering and stumble upon something amazing, no matter how simple or extraordinary, I encourage you to go out and immerse yourself in your passions with those who share them with you.  In other words, just Give’r!