Derek Diluzio

asheville, nc

My first camera was a yellow disposable Kodak camera.  I used it on a trip I guided to New Zealand.  Shortly after my trip, I was looking over the pictures with my neighbor in Connecticut.  It was he who inspired me to pursue photography.  I picked up my bags and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  There, I spent seven years training to shoot professionally.  The give’r lifestyle began to take over during those seven years.  I would get up at 4am to shoot landscapes, skiing or biking on a regular basis.  I would also spend hours studying photography books and portfolios.  I kept learning and learning, but never able to support myself doing what I love.  The time for change came two years ago.  I again picked up my bags and moved to Asheville, North Carolina.  I finally found the success I was looking for.  Now I am regularly on assignment for leaders in the mountain bike and fly fishing industry.  I’ve also carved out a niche for event photography for people who are looking for a bit of an ‘edgier’ look to their photographs.  It’s a dream to be paid to do what you love.

Give’r is hard work, it’s commitment. Give’r is taking risks, opening yourself up to change and evolution.  One of my mentors once said 'luck is the combination of preparation and opportunity’.  I couldn’t agree more and the Give’r lifestyle embodies that for me.