Elle Wheatley

Hutchinson, Minnesota

Aahh! Yaaah! I’m from a small little town in Minnesota surrounded by corn fields and dairy farmers. However, my curiosity and courage to travel brought me back to the mountains and the culture of the West, as I attend the University of Wyoming. As an outdoor enthusiast, I am always finding a crew that is up for hiking, climbing, camping, and exploring.

The summer of 2018 I traveled to Carrefour, Haiti, and my mind and emotions were blown open. I saw Give’r in the hands of Haitians as they poured their life into their passions. Haitians are ridiculously hard workers, who take pride in their country and every task they do. I learned to take pride and appreciate the little things, so when the big things come along it will take your breath away. When it comes down to it, life is going to be what you make of it.

I fully believe that you cannot pour out unless you are being poured into. So fill your life with passion, purpose, challenge, and adventure. Then pour out your stories and gifts to everyone that crosses your path to inspire and fill up their lives. Never miss a chance to jump out of your comfort zone or meet someone new because honestly what is the worst that can happen? You live and you learn to grow into a better person for yourself and others.

I view Give’r as a chance to inspire all who surrounds me. Inspire to dive deeper into your passions, surround yourself with the beauty of life, challenge yourself to take that extra step because it is going to be well worth it when you reach the top of the mountain and see how far you’ve come. We were gifted with the ability to passionate, so let your passions consume you.

Give’r is about always being hungry for more and eating up life’s curiosities with the people you love.