Gabriella Auer

Gabriella Auer, Give'r Ambassador, Squatch Team
Fort Collins, CO

Buttery singletrack! 27.5! Punchy climb! Technical downhill! I endoed!

If you had used these terms around me 3 years ago I would not have known what you were talking about. These days I try to use these words every 3 hours. (Just kidding.)

Many years ago I led mountain biking at a camp in New Hampshire, but even as the instructor, I didn't know that when you were going downhill you were supposed to have your feet on the same plane and your butt off the seat. I rode a certain downhill section like a newbie and that next day was... not pleasant.

Fast forward to me living in Grand Junction a couple of years ago. Friends had invited me to go mountain biking in Fruita, which has world class riding. I went down Kesl Run on 18 Road, and it was the funnest, roller coasteriest, flowiest flow I had ever flowed in my whole FLOW!!! I was hooked. I couldn't stop screaming/yelling out of pure fun (Type 1 fun, obvi), and I knew I had to get my own bike. I now absolutely LOVE riding my Juliana Juno with my hardcore MTB friends on the trails around Fort Collins and all throughout Colorado. I also raced my first races last summer at the Laramie Mountain Bike Race Series in Wyoming last summer and had SO MUCH FUN. All the endorphins. MINE!!

I resonate so closely with the Give'r philosophy of passion, purpose, challenge, and adventure. My life had been marked by challenging myself, and being challenged by others. It has also been purposeful as I have chosen to live in Colorado, arguably one of the most outdoorsy states. I am purposeful as to who I live life with, who I play with, and where I play in the GREAT OUTDOORS! I also have passion in what I do. I am most passionate when it comes to mountain biking, and mountain bike racing. (You should have seen me in the parking lot after my first race in Laramie screaming, "I LOVE ENDORPHINS." No joke.) I also road bike, XC ski, hike, backpack, camp, and do triathlon(s). I believe in adventure, especially when it comes to cooking quality food in the backcountry, taking time to soak in my surroundings, encouraging others, and, of course, eating Snickers and Haribo peach candies while backpacking. I am so thankful for the faithfulness, love, and grace Jesus has shown me in my life as I have discovered these passions and gone on these adventures!

Give'r y'all!