Give'r Story and Philosophy

You may be curious... what does "give'r" mean? 

Definition of Give’r:  To give it your all, go for it

Part of Speech:  Verb (75% usage), Adjective (20% usage), Other (5% Usage)

Pronunciation:  With some extra emphasis on the "g", it is said like "giver", but a little quicker, and with a healthy amount of gusto.

The Story Behind Give'r
The brand first came to life in 2011, when Co-Founder Bubba Albrecht and a crew of Jacksonites traveled over 2400 miles to embark on a 7-day kayaking expedition in the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada.

The Story of Give'r - Crew Members: Cody, Daniel, Ben, Connor and BubbaOrigin of Give'r Crew Members: Cody, Daniel, Ben, Connor and Bubba

To commemorate the adventure (which happened to be the 5th annual), custom hats were made for the crew that featured the skyline of the Tetons (their home mountain range), and the colloquial phrase born in the small town of Killarney that perfectly summarized the journey - Give’r.

The hats, made possible through Carly's ninja design skills, were worn long after the epic trip concluded, and in these months that followed, the Give'r Brand began to take shape.  While the hats fit well and were functional, it was the sharp look and intriguing significance of the design that elicited the question, “What is Give’r?” With each inquiry and subsequent endorsement of the Give’r philosophy, our community and company began to take form.

In the winter of 2011-2012, Bubba joined forces with friends Carly Platt and Jed Mickle to form the Give’r Lifestyle Brand based out of Jackson Hole, WY.  The three jumped in head first, pooled together enough funds, and launched their website,, in March of 2012. goes live March 30, 2012

The beginnings of Give'r Gear featured four t-shirts, three hats and a rad selection of stickers. Over the next year, they would run the company from their living room tables, garages, cars and basements, learning every step of the way and truly embodying the Give'r spirit.

Co-Founders Jed Mickle, Carly Platt and Bubba Albrecht

The Give'r community grows by the day, and the philosophy is as contagious now as when it all began.  In the same way the original hats carried memories from the epic adventure and motivated beyond - the Give'r Gear spread across the globe provides a tangible reminder to ourselves and others why it is worth choosing to give life your all. 

Philosophy:  Give'r promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure.  We aim to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, the confidence to take the road less traveled, and the desire to share the wonders of life with others.  Give'r represents an inclusive lifestyle embodied by those who frequently ask the question, "Why not?".