Give'r Story and Philosophy

Definition of Give’r:  To give it your all, go for it!

Part of Speech:  Verb (75% usage), Adjective (20% usage), Other (5% Usage)

Pronunciation:  With some extra emphasis on the "g", it is said like "giver", but a little quicker, and with a healthy amount of gusto.


Give'r promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure. They aim to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, the confidence to take the road less traveled, and the desire to share the wonders of life with others.  

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Give’r provides the highest quality apparel, gear and accessories for the Give'r that lives within us all.

The Story Behind Give'r

When Give’r Co-Founder Bubba Albrecht and a crew of friends traveled more than 2,400 miles to embark on a 7-day kayaking expedition in the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada, they made custom hats to commemorate the adventure. These hats featured the skyline of the Tetons, where Bubba and friends called home, and the phrase Give’r, a colloquial term used in Ontario.

The Story of Give'r - Crew Members: Cody, Daniel, Ben, Connor and BubbaOrigin of Give'r Crew Members: Cody, Daniel, Ben, Connor and Bubba

After the trip, people frequently asked about those hats. They wanted to know what Give’r meant and where they could get one for themselves.

After dozens of requests, Bubba decided to join forces with friends Carly Platt and Jed Mickle to form Give’r. They celebrated with a launch party in the spring of 2012. goes live March 30, 2012

The three founders jumped in head first, designing apparel and stickers, building a website, figuring out backend operations and, most importantly, living the Give’r philosophy they aimed to share with others.

Co-Founders Jed Mickle, Carly Platt and Bubba Albrecht

 Give’r experienced a breakout year in 2016 when it launched its 4-Season Gloves on Kickstarter. Raising more than $200K, word quickly spread about these tough-as-nails, waterproof leather gloves.

Give'r 4-Season Waterproof Leather Work Gloves

Give'r 4-Season Waterproof Leather Gloves

Today, Give’r offers three versions of leather gloves that can be custom branded with your initials, a full line of lifestyle tees and trucker hats, three versions of its technical All Sport performance shirts, and various accessories, including its best-selling Woody Wayfarer polarized sunglasses, which can also be customized with initials.

Give’r has been featured by several major media outlets, including Outside Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Adventure Capitalists, Today Show, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, Forbes, Gear Junkie, Powder, Men’s Fitness, Jackson Hole News&Guide and Town&Country. And its gloves and apparel have been donned by Professional Skier Bode Miller and NFL Players Ezekiel Elliott (aka Zeke) and Cardale Jones.

NFL Players Ezekiel Elliott (aka Zeke) and Cardale Jones

NFL Players Zeke Elliott and Cardale Jones sport their Give'r Tank Tops

Give’r gear has also been worn on every continent, including Antarctica. And it’s found its way to the top of Everest. But more often than not, it joins people on their everyday journey to give life their all, whether studying for college exams, casting flies into cold streams, hanging out with friends around a campfire, or taking the leap into marriage. 

While a lot has changed over the years, some things haven’t. The business is still run out of a garage in Jackson, Wyoming (albeit with the help of a larger team), and Bubba still returns to Ontario, Canada, every year with a crew of friends for a trip back to the Give’r roots.

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