Jason Barger

columbus, oh

 “The earth is what we all have in common.”
- Wendell Berry

I was fortunate at an early age to live in Egypt for a year and see that the whole world did not live as we did. Almost everything was different, looked different, felt different, and smelled different. But, over time, I realized that what we had in common was the earth we walked and our experience as human beings.

Since those early years, I have been blessed to get to visit, explore, and breathe in the air at many different places around this earth. I have been inspired by quiet moments to think about the contributions we all make to enhance the paths and trails we travel. I am as inspired as ever to try to live authentically and contribute to others along the way.

My latest adventure has led me to connect with others by writing books (Step Back from the Baggage Claim and ReMember), speaking, and consulting with organizations across the globe. So far, I have been privileged to get the opportunity to speak to groups all across this country, throughout Latin America, in the Middle East, and Asia. I continue to be reminded about what we all have in common and am grateful to get to be a part of discussions about the ways that we lead, serve, create, grow, think, love, and dare to explore next.

I love the Give’r spirit—not just because I’m inspired by the humans who brought it to life—but because of what it stands for. I hope to always live an inspired life and continue to be inspired by the other humans I cross paths with on this earth.