Kirby Slager

los angeles, ca

Working in the service industry, you get asked a lot of questions. Most recently, I was asked one of my favorites, "What's the meaning of life?"

Normally I laugh this question off knowing that it's the bar patron's way of making a joke, but this time, I decided to answer. The first thing out of my mouth wasn't a laugh or a bookmarked canned response, but yet a very truthful answer. I responded with a smile as I said "Don't take this experience of life too seriously."

The more I thought about it, I realized that response is a large part of who I have grown into as a woman. I grew up going away every summer, whether to camp or into the great outdoors white water rafting, sailing or on backcountry trips. If adrenaline was involved, I was present. Looking back I realize I've always allowed Fear to be my driving force - if it scares me, if it excites me, if it seems challenging, then you bet I'm going to dive in and get my hands dirty! I believe these moments when fear arises are opportunities for growth; opportunities to uncover the layers of protection that keep us "safe." The more layers we peel away, the closer we get to our truth, our passion, and our purpose. I'm a Woman fascinated by life, in love with what drives us individually, and obsessed with uncovering the ways we can get to a fulfilling, exciting, and FUN life experience!

I may not be as active in the Outdoors anymore, but I adventure Within every single day; healing my heart, asking the "big" questions, and leading the way through darkness with the light that lives within me, that lives within us all.

Life is beautiful- It is scary, intimidating, frustrating, and confusing at times, but the struggles are what make the joy, the love, the relationships, the triumphs so sweet. And if you choose to follow your heart, to do the things that scare you, to love yourself, to take risks, to TRUST and along the way to never take yourself or your struggles too seriously-to laugh at how magical it all really is, well then I'd have to say THAT is living, my friend. That is the meaning of life: to learn, to laugh, to love, or as I like to say - to Stay Hungry, Stay Open, and as always, Stay Wild.