Peanut Belk

Wild Hopes Farm, SC

Born and raised in the Carolinas, I spent my summers and post-college years exploring anywhere but home. I found myself settled in Boston leading a very urban life with few responsibilities - with my running backpack and bike, I could get most anywhere.

A little over a year ago, my parents called telling me about their vision to transform our land in Chester, SC into a sustainable, organic vegetable farm. I was intrigued by the challenge of working with my hands, starting a business, and building a community around the farm. Despite any concerns of our goals of scaling from 3.5 acres to 12 acres of vegetables, I decided to Give’r.

Whether it’s hauling produce out of the field, trenching irrigation ditches in the 100 degree heat, or slinging melons at the farmers market, I am always giving it my all. I now rise before the sun and my schedule is dictated by the weather but I am rewarded by the opportunity to eat and live holistically.