Give'r Gives


Give’r is proud to be a member of both 1% for the Tetons and their sister organization, 1% for the Planet.  Given the challenges facing our planet - from the global to local scale - these organizations provide a venue for Give’r to give back to the environment, creating a tangible tie between economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.  Each year, Give’r pledges 1% of sales to help fund projects furthering the long-term sustainability of the Tetons region and beyond.

Signing on to 1% for the Planet (and 1% for the Tetons) shows Give’r has a strong commitment to investing in sustainability efforts,” says Terry Kellogg, CEO 1% for the Planet. “They're using business as a tool to engage and motivate their stakeholders while partnering with environmental organizations that complement their brand. We're excited to welcome Give’r to our global network."

To get involved or learn more about either of these organizations and their impact on the environment, follow the links below:

We at give'r recognize the existence of extraordinary people and organizations among us.  Those who strive to eliminate cancer and save lives of those affected.  Those who create recreation opportunities for people with disabilities.  Those who preserve the environment in which we live and recreate. Those who believe in making a difference.  We have been blessed to know many individuals and groups, and hope to meet more as our community grows in size and scope. Throughout our efforts, we are proud to pledge our support to the following organizations through financial contributions and volunteer service. give'r will donate to the organizations below through the year and volunteer our services to assist in their efforts to make the world a better place. 

give'r gives to the American Cancer Society. In a world where we are all affected by this disease in one way or another, we will stand strong with those recovering, serving as caregivers, and those fighting every day to rid cancer once and for all. The team at give'r is committed to volunteering with ACS through Relay for Life in Jackson, Wyoming.  Be in touch if you'd like to volunteer or participate in this amazing event held each August at the Jackson Hole High School. 

give'r gives to Reforest Patagonia. Over 7.5 million acres of forest have been destroyed in Patagonia in the last 100 years. December 2011 marked one of the region's worst fires, claiming 42,500 acres. Reforest Patagonia, the largest native-species reforestation campaign in Chile's history, was formed in response to this tragedy. The program aims to plant more than 1 million trees in Torres del Paine and other national parks and reserves throughout Chile. give'r has teamed up with Reforest Patagonia to plant a "give'r forest" in Chile. For every "Reforest Patagonia" branded product you purchase, a tree will be planted under your name in the Give'r forest and unique GPS coordinates will be provided to locate your tree. In the spirit of the reforestation campaign, we have collaborated with Recover Brands to produce a garment made from 100% recycled material.

give'r gives throughout the year to various charities and organizations. They include:

American Cancer Society - Atlanta, Georgia
Reforest Patagonia - Santiago, Chile
Teton Adaptive Sports - Jackson, Wyoming
Homeport - Columbus, Ohio
Snake River Fund - Jackson, Wyoming
Jackson Hole Science Media Awards - Jackson, Wyoming
Special Olympics - Jackson, Wyoming
1% for the Tetons - Jackson, Wyoming