Sawyer Rawlings

Alpine, UT

To Give’r means to step out of your comfort zone, trying things u have never tried before and doing it as well as you possibly can. It means don’t just do everything the same everyday, but to switch it up and try different things that maybe you would not have tried otherwise. Why is it good to switch things up? If you just do the same thing everyday you have no opportunity to grow and learn, but if you go and explore in different things and just Give’r, u will grow in many different ways you would have never thought you would have. This is not going to be the same for everyone, because everyone is going to Give’r in their own different way.

How I Give’r is I go out and snowboard every opportunity I get , weather it is at the resort, or if it is just in the backyard for only 30 minutes. It means to go and push yourself to progress every time you get the chance, To not take granted of anything you have in your life, to give 110% in everything you do, weather that is doing a chore for you mom or dropping in for your final run.
What I think of when I think about Give’r is, to be creative, don’t be like everyone else, but to go out and be different than everyone else. Take the approach of how can I do this differently than everyone else that make it unique and like me.

While I am trying to progress, one of the most important this is to just have fun. If you are not having fun in something the you probably don’t want to and should not be doing it. But in everything you you do just alway remember to have fun and just Give’r your all!