Give'r Team

Bubba Albrecht

President & Co-Founder

As a youngster growing up in Ohio, I was lucky to be surrounded by those who embodied the Give'r mentality. From hunting and fishing, to academics and friendships, there was always an opportunity to try something new and challenge my limits. I pursued an education in civil engineering before heading west to big, beautiful Wyoming in 2004. Living in Jackson, I jump at any opportunity to learn from others and strive to make the most of whatever comes my way. I believe that more powerful than hooking the biggest fish, is the experience of encouraging another to take a chance and cast a rod... celebrating the experience, not just the catch. I aspire to appreciate all aspects of life and remain grateful for the opportunities that I am met with each day. So, when life asks you to dance, I urge you to Give'r.

Will "Skipper" Phelan

Lead Product Design

Raised in Upstate New York, educated in Oregon, and living in Wyoming - I am the ever-changing sum of all my past experiences and lessons. Upon graduating from the University of Oregon, I moved to Jackson Hole, where I've been working and playing in the shadows of the Tetons ever-since. I have been unbelievably fortunate throughout my life to be surrounded by kind, genuine, and loving people. It is these individuals and the gorgeous land around me that calm my soul and support my adventurous spirit. When I first stumbled upon Give'r as a "young buck", I was instantly drawn to the positive vibe. The team and community truly believe in what it means to give'r and having everyone on the same, stoked page, is truly incredible. The future is bright and we can't wait to continue to grow with you all! Cheers!

Graham Trainor

Customer Relations Director

I grew up in Fort Worth, TX with a supportive family and wonderful friends.  My father inspired me to take up sports at a very young age, and among my teammates is when I first gained appreciation for what it means to give it your all.  Whether it was baseball, football, wrestling or golf, I was driven to show up, ready to rock.  Moving away to Charlottesville, VA (Go Hoos!) at 18 was a great move for me and my development. I cherish my time spent and experience gained there as I adventured beyond my comfort zone and pushed myself to learn and grow.

In 2011, I embraced the call for adventure and moved to Jackson, WY. I didn't grow up skiing, but I dove right in, regardless of how mind-blowing it was to think that someday I'd be skiing the "backcountry".  Some of my other favorite activities are hiking, biking, and frolfing while I often revisit my roots and either play some softball or hit the links.

I can be found at Pinky G's on Friday nights behind the bar as well as on KHOL with Massey Zieman on Teton Sports Talk:

bubba albrecht president and co-founder

Carly Platt


Born and raised in the great state of Michigan, wooded hikes, bass fishing, and building forts were common occurrences. Taught from an early age that adventure can be found all around in various forms, I took solace in the company of my siblings to create a world full of imagination, feigned danger, and great fun. A curvy path landed me in Jackson Hole in the summer of 2004. With new experiences abounding and like-minded friends and companions, Jackson Hole provided me a wonderful home for over ten years. In the short days and long dark evenings of the 2012 winter, our brand started as a pipe dream. Imagined in the mountains, on the river, and in the comfort of a cozy cabin, our team came together and decided to Give’r.

With Jackson solidly holding a place in my heart, my adventure has taken me down a new path – south to Salt Lake City. Here I continue to connect with the mountains, find daily opportunities to try new things, and rely heavily on the creed “Give’r” to help me explore my new home.

bubba albrecht president and co-founder

Jed Mickle


My pursuit of the dream began in my New Hampshire high school where I acquired a taste of outdoor activities. Instead of traditional school sports, my interests led me towards trail maintenance in the fall, snowboarding during the winter, and rock climbing in the White Mountains. At St. Lawrence University, I studied environmental science and fine arts in the midst of the Adirondacks. The beauty and magnitude of the Rocky Mountains drew me west, where I spent an unforgettable semester with NOLS. This set the stage for moving to Jackson, Wyoming in the fall of 2009; a mecca for outdoor sports. Here I reside, ultimately living the dream and helping others Give'r any chance I get.