Trevor Robinson

jackson, wyoming

As early as I can remember, my parents had me on skis, rowing a raft, fishing, backpacking, and stoked to be in the mountains of Idaho.  I grew up in North Idaho and went to school in Montana.  After stints living in Tahoe, New Zealand, and Taiwan, I knew that I always wanted to get to Jackson, WY full time after being here seasonally since 1998.  Jackson affords one the ability to Give’r year-round with more epic outdoor opportunities than anywhere else in the country, all right at our fingertips.  So, in 2005, I moved here for the skiing, fishing and backpacking, and am now a lifer for the people, friends, sledding and dirtbiking.  Wait, What....???  Somewhere along the way my compass became distorted and I found myself hopelessly addicted to motorsports.  Ever since, it has opened up a whole new fabric of Jackson that I previously didn't know existed.  I love the freedom, camaraderie, and remoteness of getting into the backcountry via sleds and moto's. Waking up early and hammering all day long with your buds in the boonies is the best thing going.   To Give’r sun up to sun down is what it's all about!