A Give'r Reflection

Cheers to the new year!

Seek Growth and Depth.

Seek Growth and Depth is one of our core values here at Give’r. We commit to expanding our comfort zones and look to inspire the same in our community. We chase challenges and lean into things that are difficult, wild, and unknown in search of the Zone of Proximal Development: where one is truly straddling the line of what is known and what is just beyond capability. We believe the more we try new things, take risks, ask questions, and learn, the more fully we connect to and understand ourselves, our gear, your needs, and equally important, the world around us.

This expansive concept is all around us. The commitment to this mindset, with proper gumption and moxy, is what I believe defines the past year for our Give’r Team.

To strap in for COVID supply chain turbulence, we doubled down with our production partners to optimize and improve the quality and consistency of our glove and mitten collections as well as our ever-evolving supportive product line of “gear made to give’r!”

In aim of providing a stoke-worthy experience (above the bar of “satisfied”) to our customers and community, we executed multiple pivots with our shipping carrier options, software systems, and management tools to build a stronger foundation for the give’r of today and for tomorrow.

With that came an understanding that shifting mountains can take time yet we’re stoked to have planted the seeds for multiple game-changers that will bear fruit in 2023. We can’t wait to share ‘em with you soon!

The proof is in the (product) pudding.

Resulting from the cascade of requests from our most loyal and honest customers, the first ever Give’r Classic Mitten was brought to life in the Fall. Initial tests and feedback are rolling in, and we’re beyond fired up with the results. This “classic glove cousin” is likely to have earned a spot on the permanent Give’r glove & mitten roster.

Bubba shoveling snow in Classic Give'r Mittens

But mitts aren’t the only gear to get an upgrade. The Solstice Solar Hoodies are new and improved! If you haven't had the chance to check out behind the curtain of progressing from really good to kick ass, we assure you it is worth the read. Treat yourself to UV protection goodness in style!

The 10-Year Anniversary Snap Happy Solar Shirts also came to life in the summer, and there are few shirts ever worn that receive more compliments. Building on the performance material of the Solstice Solar Hoodies, this complimentary piece is not an exaggeration, I assure you. Don’t believe me? Get one for yourself, wear it one day, and if you don’t receive a compliment or let out a hushed “this is better than I expected,” I’ll buy the shirt back from you and treat you to a cold cruiser. But don’t delay! These are going to sell out faster than waxed skis on a double black, and once they’re gone, all we’ll have left is a “we told you so!”

Operation Expansion is a GO!

The Jackson Hole HQ1 was joined by an expansion facility just over Teton Pass in Victor, Idaho! Now referred to as “HQ2,” the new facility has been a game changer in the last 4 months, and we’re just getting warmed up. Keep an eye out for updates and progress as the vision is further brought to life in the year ahead. If you’re in the area, come check out the new space and see what goes into your gloves.

But without question, the most significant realm of growth and depth experienced this last year points to the people who collectively represent the Give’r Team. The character, skills, drive, dedication, and energy of so many new team members has been next-level impactful.

HQ Crew in Victor

These members have joined us in Jackson and in Victor, as well as multiple states from sea to shining sea. Again, not exaggerating here as we’ve welcomed rock stars from California to Maine and many locales in between!

At no other time was this energy and powerful collective vibe felt more than our first full-team Give’r Summit that took place this past fall. The force was strong, the potential palpable, and we are fired up to continue building on the momentum as we surf into the New Year!

Cheers to the Give'r Team

The commitment to seeking growth and depth is a mindset for the long haul. In quicksand, over hurdles, across the rivers, and through the woods, there will always be obstacles and impediments to any journey. And yet, with each surprise comes an opportunity to learn and evolve. We’re excited to give’r into the new year alongside people like you.

Best wishes and proper cheers to you all from snowy Wyomin’.

Give'r all you've got,

Bubba and The Give’r Team

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