The 2.0 Solstice Solar Hoodie

Beach blue Solstice Solar Hoodie with Give'r logo

All our gear here at Give'r comes from a need. Whether that need is to stay warm in the backcountry or waterproof in the river, practicality is the name of the game. Born from the longest day of the year, the Solstice Solar Hoodie has found its place in our daily rotation. Spontaneous after-work fishing, weekend river trips, and bluebird ski days call for a shirt that is ready for it all.

We traded in the v-neck for a cinch pull cord to keep wind and rain at bay. Face the elements with a hood designed to stay right where it belongs.

Woman in Granite Gray Solstice Solar Hoodie

The original Solstice Solar Hoodie quickly became a best seller. Made from UPF 40+ and super lightweight poly-spandex blend, the shirt stretches and moves with you while protecting your skin. The 2.0 is no different! With the same lightweight, no-chafe material, a tagless neck, and flatlock stitching, this hoodie meant to be worn next to your skin. Pair it with your favorite swimsuit or layer it under those trusty waders.

We traded in the v-neck for a cinch pull cord to keep wind and rain at bay. Face the elements with a hood designed to stay right where it belongs.

Inside the sleeve you will find thumb loops for easy layering. Slide the loop over your thumb before slippin' into a second layer to keep the sleeves from riding up to your arms.

Thumb loops on new Solstice Solar Hoodie

"Wore this to beach a few times. Kept me cool and protected me from the sun. I also wore it at night and it was the perfect layer to keep the bugs from nibbling and insulated from the cool night. Definitely recommend." - Tucker A.

Give'r logo on back of Solstice Solar Hoodie
Flip up the hood and you'll find the Give'r logo. Subtle enough to stay out of the way, but bold enough to catch the eye. Show off the Tetons when the weather takes a turn.
All of our Solstice Solar Hoodies feature a unisex, relaxed fit. No skin grabbin'. And absolutely no feelings of being stuck in your gear. When it's time to kick back and relax, throw your Solstice Hoodie in the wash with peace of mind knowing there is zero shrinkage.
Last but certainly not least, beach blue is back! The most sought after color will be available along with Granite Gray. Sizes range from XS to 3XL. Be on the lookout for exclusive access to get your hands on 'em before anyone else.
'Till then, get out and give'r!
Cheers to new Solstice Solar Hoodies
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