Glove Care

Get to know your Give'r Gloves and Mittens!

Sizing, Fit, and Break-In

  1. When you first put on your gloves, they should feel snug & form fitting.
  2. Through a few uses, the insulation will begin to “pack-out”, filling the leather shell and relieving any snug areas.
  3. The leather will be stiff when first received, but as you break them in you will have increased dexterity and warmth, as the leather forms to your hand - like a baseball mitt!
  4. This break-in process yields functionality, comfort and dexterity, unique to YOUR hands, and unlike any other glove you’ve ever worn…the juice is worth the squeeze!

The Oven Method

Click HERE to learn our "Oven Method" - a simple and quick way to expedite the break-in process for your pair!

Glove Care

  1. To clean exterior, use damp cloth to wipe surface clean.
  2. DO NOT turn gloves inside out.
  3. Can wax or re-wax gloves / mittens with natural wax coating (non-silicone based) to preserve and extend the lifespan of the leather / product.
  4. To dry interior, be sure to allow airflow in and out of entire glove. Some ideas include placing product on its side in front of a fan or heater (using paper towel tubing to help prop open), on boot dryer (ensuring there is a gap for airflow in and out of cuff), or using a coat hanger to open gloves and hang in a dry place.
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