Give It Your All This School Year

9 out of 10 teachers agree, this year's school supplies lists are calling for Give'r gear.

According to a study that we made up, teachers all over are adding Give'r gear to their school supplies lists. Notebooks, sticky notes, pens, pencils, and calculators are nice to have, but you can't beat struttin' through the halls on your first day in true Give'r style. Teachers and students, kick off the 2023 school year with all the Give'r gear you can fit in your backpack.  Here's to celebrating your favorite teachers and students gearing up for back to school!

Give'r in and out of the classroom.

Teachers give’r all year long (yes, students, teachers have lives outside of the classroom)! One of our very own, Kelley is a Give’r ambassador, middle school science teacher, AND tenured badass. While we were spending time by the river in the summer heat, Kelley traveled to Valle Nevado Ski Resort to enjoy winter time in Chile! Our 4-Season Gloves don’t see a lot of snow in the month of July here in the West, but they're called the 4-Seasons for a reason. Our very own winter will be here before you know it, so beat the curve and start breaking in a fresh pair of 4-Season Gloves so they are primed and ready for those chilly carpool lines.


In the mountains of Half Dome at Yosemite Falls, Kelley kicked off her vacation with a 17-mile roundtrip hike in the summer sun. A feat not for the faint of heart. But Give’r ambassadors choose to live a life that authetnically, unapologetically, and adventurously theirs...especially when properly geared up. School might be in session but we have plenty of sun left in our forecast, so put that teacher or student discount to work and stock up on the fan-favorite shirt: the Solstice Solar Hoodie.


It’s safe to say that Kelley is an avid hiker and takes advantage of each and every school break by hitting the trails. Our Skipper Snapback has made appearances all over California in places like The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park and Long Valley Caldera. It’s lightweight design keeps you cool, while also protecting you from the sun and elements. Kelley is a solid example of what it means to give’r, and she looks dang good doing it. Stock up on your favorite Give’r hats before you head back to class this year!

Follow along on Kelley's adventures on her Instagram page!

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