Live Wild, Live Well: Limited Edition Mittens

Limited Edition Live Wild, Live Well Frontier Mittens and Children's Mittens

The Give’r Ambassador Collection serves up its first limited edition product: Live Wild, Live Well Frontier Mittens (and Children's Mittens)!

The Give’r story is fueled by our community. We owe so much to our friends and family, the Kickstarter Backers, and our Ambassador Team. Celebrating our highest highs and supporting through our lowest lows, we simply wouldn’t be Give’r without them.

We are particularly proud of our group of Ambassadors because it’s exclusively made up of authentic people who genuinely use and believe in our products. We do not recruit new Ambassadors or pay influencers to promote our gloves are gear...just real people doing real things in real gear. This group knows what it means to give'r and continue to show up for us year after year to help support our mission in every way possible.

Give'r Ambassador Jon Brunn feeding chickens at his Montana homestead

While we were wrapping up 2023 and gearing up for the new year, we decided to highlight our Ambassadors in a new way: The Ambassador Collection. We had to start somewhere, but this collection of limited edition products will continue to grow and highlight our authentic relationships with our Ambassadors with custom gloves and mittens dedicated to how they give’r out in the wild.

In true Give’r fashion, Ambassadors Jon and Shelby Brunn were quick to jump on board with the idea and to help us make it happen! What started as a “we have a wild idea to run by you” quickly turned into the our first two pairs to hit The Ambassador Collection: Limited Edition Live Wild, Live Well Frontier Mittens & Children's Mittens.

Person holding Limited Edition Live Wild, Live Well Frontier Mittens

From their mountain homestead in Montana, Jon and Shelby Brunn officially joined the Ambassador Team in 2021, but their connection to Give’r goes back to 2019. Jon has been putting our 4-Season Gloves to the test for over four years now, and Shelby is one of the original Frontier Mitten Kickstarter Backers. And it wasn't long after when their two kids unwraped their own Give'r mitts. Because the Brunn children are included in all of Jon and Shelby’s outdoor adventures, they naturally had to have their own Give’r mittens ensuring they’re hands are not only protected but also able to participate and learn.

“We are firm believers that there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable gear. Time in the wild is an essential pillar of wellbeing so we are sure to invest in the best possible gear to keep the family outside, no matter the conditions.”
- Jon and Shelby Brunn

These custom mittens feature the graphic "Live Wild" on the left-hand cuff and "Live Well" on the right-hand cuff. Much like the methods used on livestock, we custom brand each pair using a metal branding iron to sear the design into the leather. Always done by hand, our approach honors the unique aspects of our leather gloves, the hands that slip into them, and the work that can't be done without them.

Child wearing Limited Edition Live Wild, Live Well Children's Mittens

Due to the extra care and attention that these limited edition custom mittens require, all Live Wild, Live Well mittens are available by presale only through February 4, 2024. Order fulfillment will begin February 7 with all presale orders being shipped no later than February 15.

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Limited Edition Live Wild, Live Well Frontier Mittens

$139.00 - $147.00

The warmest, 100% waterproof, all-leather mitten, now with a limited edition Live Wild, Live Well custom brand.


Limited Edition Live Wild, Live Well Children's Mittens

$54.00 - $62.00

The Frontier Mittens shrunk down and designed for the give'r that lives in all youngsters, now with a limited edition Live Wild, Live Well custom brand.

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