Jackson Hole, WY: Hill Climb World Championships

    There is something to be said about an event where the world's best gather to compete.  The Olympics, The X Games or the World Championship Hill Climb.  Here, in Jackson Hole, WY, the world's best snowmobilers gather to climb the iconic Snow King Mountain rising above the town of Jackson.  The sound of two and four stroke engines revving to capacity fills the town from sun up to sun down as people come from all over to compete with the best.  The streets are packed with trucks, trailers, tents, semis and mobile homes that scream dedication.  And that dedication is what brings Give'r to the scene. 
    There is something incredible about surrounding yourself with people who have honed in on something they love.  For some it is a genre of music or style of dance, and for others a type of artistic expression or activity with friends.  In the case of the World Championship Hill Climb, some enthusiasts travel up to thousands of miles and give up much to engulf themselves in a hobby (though a profession to some) they love.  They are dedicated to their machines and the pursuit of having fun and competing with others who love the sport as much, or possibly more than they do.  This is what it is all about.  Sure it doesn't hurt to have thousands of screaming fans, one of the steepest ski runs in the world and a bluebird day...but those bonuses are just icing on the cake.  There isn't a better feeling in life than doing what you love while sharing it with others.  So, we tip our hats to you, Hill Climbers, as you know what it means to give'r!


-Hugh Bette

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