January 20, 2017


What do Lebron James, Sports Illustrated and Give'r Have In Common?

While not a question I could have imagined in late 2016, it is one that has myself and the Give'r community all sorts of fired up!  In the same issue where Lebron James was crowned Sportsperson of The Year by Sports Illustrated, the 4-Season Give'r Gloves were featured as a top pick for the winter season and gift giving.

Sports Illustrated: Sportsperson of the Year 2016

"Whether you're splitting logs or building the family snowman, these versatile gloves have you covered, hands down."

We couldn't think of a more glorious crown for these 4-Season Gloves that were taken from concept to reality in 2016.  For this, we give thanks to the Give'r Community and Kickstarter Backers who receive The Give'r Award for "Supporters of The Year".  The Give'r that lives within each of you has changed the game for our team and community, and we charge into 2017 letting you know we are giving it our all at Give'r HQ!

Oh yeah, side note...The King and I have been texting, and his pair of 4-Season Gloves are on their way to Cleveland.  Gotta keep those hands in prime condition to bring home another championship!

Keep on Given'r!

-Hugh Bette and The Give'r Crew


October 17, 2016


Steep & Deep – The Ultimate Teton Ski Giveaway

Today marks the beginning of a giveaway unlike any other!  Steep & Deep - The Ultimate Teton Ski Giveaway is giving away over $3,500 in prizes from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Sego Ski Co., Give'r, Kate's Real Food and Liquid Hardware.  Organized by Garage Grown Gear (The Experts on Outdoor Gear Startups), this giveaway has some spectacular rewards for this upcoming Ski Season.  Enter today for your chance at skis, overnight yurt and guide accommodations, 4-Season Gloves and Silkweight All Sports, Kate's Real Food and the best coffee mug around from Liquid Hardware.

Sign up and learn how to increase your odds https://www.garagegrowngear.com/pages/steep-deep-the-ultimate-teton-ski-giveaway

September 12, 2016


The Give'r Story: Co-Founder Bubba Albrecht interviewed on the ReddyYeti Podcast

The Give'r crew is honored to join the RettyYeti community and sends a huge thanks to Josh for making it all happen.  Keep on Given'r! View full article →
April 05, 2016


4-Season Glove Love: Give'r Kickstarter in the Press!

After weeks of telling everyone who would listen that the 4-Season Gloves are the “best damn gloves ever,” we are happy to report that respected influencers and publications feel the same!

 Check out what everyone has to say: https://www.outsideonline.com/2066661/4-season-giver-gloves


Gear Institute - Give'r 4-Season Gloves


The Egg Out West - Give'r Inside Story

HiConsumption: 4-Season Give'r Gloves Review



KHOL 98.1 - Interview with Bubba Albrecht and Give'r





Curbed Ski: 4-Season Give'r Gloves


TrendHunter - Give'r 4-Season Glove Review

Hip Hop Zilla - Give'r 4-Season Glove Review



Huckberry - Give'r 4-Season Gloves
Huckberry Superhuman Give'r Gloves - Kickstarter

 MADE in Jackson Hole

Worldpins - Give'r 4-Season Gloves

Peak Design - Give'r 4-Season Gloves

Fishpond USA - Give'r 4-Season Gloves

Meagtheegg - Give'r 4-Season Gloves






December 08, 2015


OUTSIDE is IN for Give'r!

So, it was a big day in Give’r Country last week. Outside Magazine featured Give’r as one of “The 6 Best Outdoor Clothing Companies You’ve Never Heard Of”. We’re not one to feather our own cap, but we’ve been psyched and appreciative of the shout out and are charging forward with excitement here in Jackson, WY.

The article has had over 5K shares, and we’re stoked to be in great company: NWAlpine, Bambool, Roscoe Outdoor, Ridge Merino, and American Mountain Co. all of which are available at Garage Grown Gear.  A BIG thank you goes out to author Amy Hatch, also the founder of Garage Grown Gear.  She and her team seek out innovative and wildly cool outdoor startups...and we're lucky to be working with them!  Thanks for Given'r Amy!

Check out our feature text below:

Part of the reason companies like Patagonia and Arc’teryx are so successful is because they were started by people who wanted to make the best clothing for their own adventures. Today, that same entrepreneurial spirit lives on with a new handful of boutique brands. Here are six we recommend keeping an eye on.


In the small Canadian town where Bubba Albrecht spent time growing up, he often heard the term “give’r,” which meant “get after it.” A few years ago, Albrecht made a hat featuring the phrase and an outline of the Tetons (he now lives in the area). People regularly stopped to ask him about the hat, so he decided to start making them, and in March 2012 launched Give’r. The line has since expanded to include tees, hand-branded leather gloves, and high-performance base layers great for backcountry ski laps or practicing downward dog at your local yoga studio. Give'r is also a 1% for the Planet member, which means one percent of its profits support environmental work.

A few comments from the readers:

@Livefreeandhike: “Cool Stuff by Innovative People, time for some Christmas Shopping”

@kovasP – “So great to see small gear companies from the US being showcased”

@jigidy – “So great to see these companies highlighted!  I love my Bambool, softest baselayer I own and my Give'r Silkweight All Sport lives up to its name as I've used it fishing, running, skiing, etc."

Yes, we agree, the Silkweight All Sport is pretty darn neat. Check it out here and see what the hype is all about: Silkweight All Sport

Thanks for celebrating with us, and thank you to Outside Magazine for featuring us!

October 13, 2014


Teddi Hofmann and Latino Outdoors

Give'r Ambassador Teddi Hofmann has always enjoyed her time in the outdoors, and in particular sharing those experiences with family and friends.


More recently, Teddi learned of an opportunity to be a part of a larger community of outdoor enthusiasts, Latino Outdoors. This organization provides a network for Latinos to engage and learn in the outdoors while making cross-cultural connections. Within her own community, she has met a number of young Latinos who have been making strides to Give’r in the outdoors.

Outdoor enthusiasts (from left to right), Yair, Janet, and Bianca take a break from their freshman year studies at the University of Wyoming to enjoy the first snowfall of the year in Laramie!

September 05, 2014


Koozie, Croozie, Neck Coozie or Coozie-Kroakie?

The concept of an insulated can holder that hangs around ones neck gives way to many different names.  Is it a croozie, a koozie, a coozie-kroakie or a neck coozie?  While all are correct in some way, we prefer The Give'r River Runner...the neck coozie born in the waters where your beverage could not be set down safely, and your activity required the use of both hands.

This dilemma of keeping a beverage close by while keeping your hands free for action gave way to several prototypes, most of which were pretty rustic and rather junior varsity.  Following extensive research and development and trial and error, the Give'r River Runner Neck Coozie evolved to its current form, which is nothing short of gorgeous.

Featuring built-to-last sturdy construction, a non-abrasive smooth neck strap and general ability to stretch and flex with neoprene material, this accessory gets it done, day in, day out; season after season, and year after year.  The simple yet beautiful functionality of the River Runner is only fully understood once on your neck...from there, we can't wait to hear how much you love it.

Give'r recently partnered with Bud Light and their Whatever, USA campaign in creating custom River Runners for their fans and the fortunate thousand who won tickets to the 3-day event.  These fans were selected on the basis of being #UpForWhatever...which we see as synonymous with being Ready to Give'r.


Hugh Bette



August 11, 2014


100 Trail Crew - Ambassadors in Action

On July 7th, this Ambassador crew of Wiggs, Tyler and Hunter embarked on an adventure they had only dreamed of, made possible through a true Give’r pursuit of that dream (http://www.give-r.com/pages/100-trail-crew). Not only did they return to Wyoming to spend time together and catch up, but they endured a 10 day long backpacking expedition through the Wind River Mountain Range as the winners of the Huckberry Explorer’s Grant Program. Through the inspiration of a 10 x 10 challenge, they were traversing through the Wind River High Route as trekked by Alan Dixon and Don Wilson, with some of their own adjustments and resulting goals:

  1. 10 consecutive days of hiking
  2. 10 sunsets/sunrises photographed
  3. 10 animals photographed
  4. 10 lakes swum in
  5. 10 hikers interviewed
  6. 10 fish caught via fly fishing
  7. 10 peaks summitted
  8. 10 tail-grab pics on those 10 peaks
  9. 10,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain
  10. 100 miles hiked

Bonus: 10,000+ foot peak summited

On this trip, they had planned to cross the Continental Divide four times, traverse ten passes between 12,200 ft and 11,500 ft and cover 100 miles with about 20,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain (nearly the same elevation gain as climbing the Grand Teton 3 times over).

Their adventure was executed and they look forward to sharing their stories with the Give’r Community in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. They had big dreams when first meeting in Wyoming, and have even bigger dreams 11 years later, but what they have found is that when giving them their all, one can never be dissappointed.

Keep tuned in for photos, videos and stories as they re-count their Give'r adventure in the Wind River Mountains!

-Hugh Bette

June 23, 2014


Give'r Goes Red, White and Blue!

There is much to be celebrated at this particular point in time...

1 - It is summer...arguably the most rad season of the year
2 - Team USA is competing in the World Cup, and doing this in a serious way
3 - The 4th of July is right around the corner, and I can't friggen wait!
4 - The 2014 Red, White and BOOM! T-shirt is here, looking fresh and well equipped to Give'r
5 - Should you prefer shirts without sleeves, the Give'r Summer Tank Top line is calling your name...should you choose to answer

While my excitement is tough to express in words, I hope to hear of the many summer adventures you plan on getting into, and wish for plenty of Red, White and Blue in your near future!

Hugh Bette


April 16, 2014


Give’r Endurance Test: 3000km Through India

We all chase the unknown in our own way. Some take to the mountain tops, for others it’s through the swift curl of water. It is all with the purpose of expanding our minds to see the world in a new light. We all have our niche, our ‘thing’ that forces us to reach out for dreams that must be bled and sweated for to achieve. These dreams can only be reached by taking a chance and going all in, willing to give’r.

For all of us on team Elon Tuk Tuk’s we found this opportunity by taking part in The Adventurists Rickshaw Run in India last January. As we drove 1,800 miles in auto rickshaws from Jaisalmer to Kochin, we not only raised money for charitable causes, we had the opportunity of a life time to experience India's culture first hand. Not one of us had been to India, let alone driven a rickshaw before. It was a true give’r adventure…filled with the good stuff in life.


Team Members: Maria Castine, Will Stirn, Ben Donahue, Jack Halligan, Jordan Nulsen


            We were joined by 78 other teams all raising money for Cool Earth, a charity that focuses on climate change by mitigating deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. In addition, our team took on a second charity, Frank Water Projects: a charity that assists in funding and installing water purifying pumps in rural Indian wells.

Our story is told through the following pictures and snippet from the day we will never forget...

Cruising down the highway at record speed of 60kmh!


Jack and Will playing with the dark magic that is the rickshaw engine


Rollin on backroads towards Indian wine country


Impromptu rest stop on mountain pass atop the rickshaw


The police attempted to pull us over, we kept going.  They then stopped ahead of us in the middle of the road, and we were glad to realize, they were simply desperate to get a picture with us!

Taking in the finish line as the 43rd of 80 teams that took part in the run!

"The second auto-rickshaw in our group sputtered to a stop in the early morning light for the fourth time without Ben or me noticing. We didn't know where on the highway they stopped, when, or at this point why. I was driving at the time and turned around on the overpass, forgoing crossing into the correct lane as the barrier was too high and it could be kilometers before the next break in the cement. With fingers crossed on the mildewed rickshaws grips, I played chicken with truckers. They would flash their lights frantically, edge closer to our suavely painted Mystery Machine abomination of a vehicle, only swerving away at the last second. All I could do was bare my teeth and mutter profanities under my breath. I had forgotten to check my mirrors and the radio had only blared static so Ben and I putted along hoping we would eventually see the others in our group in the distance. It was 8:00am and cold. At least we all could comfort ourselves with having had a few chai’s already this morning. This previous January brought four friends and I upfront and close with the deep end of India in all of its forms, many of which travelers glide past to see the best known tourist sites. We, on the other hand, were hoping for a more gnarly experience, and India delivered. From large cities to rural vestiges, we found ourselves in the thick of it, at the whim of locals never quite sure what we were doing, always sniffing out the next best chai stop or local to talk to. Our overarching goal was to drive two dinky auto-rickshaws, akin to an extreme take on three wheeled taxis, over 1800 miles down the western coast of India in 14 days without any assistance beyond what we could source ourselves. Do not fear, there were 78 other teams cultivated under the banner of a UK travel company, The Adventurists, but we were never quite sure where they would be, or as happened frequently, if they would even stop if they saw us instead of jeering at our current malady!

Our tromp through India started in the desert ringed city of Jaisalmer, constantly caked in dust and cold, but sprinkled with spectacular food and vibrant culture creating a simple coziness I still long for. We had three days to prepare: gathering spare parts to ready the rickshaw, eating as much street food as possible (might as well get sick early and get it over with), and mentally gearing up by talking and debating tactics with the 200 or so other participants of the Adventurists Rickshaw Run. We could have spent six weeks trying to figure out how to be ready to hit the road, but alas, we had three days and trial by fire seemed in the end the best tactic.

We departed after an epic New Year’s celebration and snaked our way south. We would rise at six every morning, driving and driving and driving all day until the sun set and we would begin to search out places to stay. This quickly devolved into pulling over near roadside groups of locals and asking them for advice. Sometimes it worked beautifully, other times it did not! One of my favorite memories, when I thought we might really be in over our heads, was on a ten hour bender driving through the mountains towards Indian wine country near the city of Nashik. The first few hours of the day were spent on highways and slowly narrowing regional byways, stopping for chai and rocking out to Devil Makes Three or whatever Kesha we hadn’t ran through too many times already. Suddenly we found ourselves on dirt roads with potholes that swallowed us whole and spat us directly into the chaos of oncoming traffic with no guard rails, time and time again. We were in it…and at that point, we had to buckle down and give’r through the toughest of the tough. This is what we came here for, and we would make it happen. We didn’t have topo-maps of the area to predict what was ahead, all we knew was our goal for the day was Nashik and we needed to get somewhere close to it. We snaked our way along like this nearly running out of petrol multiple times, only twice going off the road completely, and celebrating at the mesa petrol stop with a much needed beer and chance to cool the engine. It was gnarly and addicting to not know if it was going to get worse or better. Eventually the mountains spat us out into vineyards and in the distance - Nashik greeted us like we were coming home. We sputtered into the city covered in grime, cramped hands from holding on, and a whole new understanding of driving unsuitable vehicles under our belt. It was chaos yet absolutely worth the brutal moments of uncertainty. It truly was travel in the fullest essence of the word, an adventure towards unknown destinations with unknown outcomes that could only be addressed by holding on like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. We made it the full eight seconds…and a little more!"

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