Insider Scoop: The Ultimate Gaper Day Getup!

Some holidays are, well, just more important than others! There's the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and then Gaper Day. With legendary Jackson Hole as our home base, the team here at Give'r fully embraces this annual tradition. 

This fun-loving holiday is a wink-wink at the tourists who have been streaming through town all winter, bringing with them the newest (and let's just say it, most ridiculous) fashion of the year.

For the full scoop on how to put together the ultimate April 1st getup, we turn to the King of Gaper Day himself, our Customer Service Director Graham. Here's what he plans to strut on the slopes ...  

The Outfit:

1) Adventure Not War Trucker Cap 
2) Pit Viper Sunglasses
3) Grenades and Flowers Shirt
4) 4-Season Give'r Glove Huckberry Hickory
5) WhiSki Poles
6) Nordica Ski Boots
7) Pizza Ninja Onesie
8) 4-Season Give'r Glove
9) Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover  
10) River Runner Neck Coozie with Dust Cutter Lemonade
11) Rossignol Skis

*Also, if you missed it, check out our photos of last year's best Gaper Day getups found on the slopes of here in Jackson Hole. Get out and Give'r!* 

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