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Give'r...what does that mean?  Is that English?  Is it short for give-her, or did someone make a mistake and misspell giver?  These are all great questions, and we're glad you've found yourself here to get an answer from me, Hugh Bette.  We'll go with a typical spelling bee approach...

Part of Speech:  Verb (90% of usage), Adjective (8% of usage), Other (2% of usage).

Pronunciation: With some extra emphasis on the "g", it is said like "giver", but a little quicker, and always with enthusiasm.  "GIVE-R!"

Origin of term:  While unclear in the history books, we're going to say Jackson Hole, WY, for all intents and purposes.

Definition:  To live a life of authentic adventure, shared.

Synonyms:  None.  For educational reasons, I will provide the family of related words: Fun, Exciting, Inspired, Adventurous, Passionate, Purpose-Filled, Challenge, Ambition and Courage.

At this point, I hope it is starting to make a little more sense.  But, as in most good things, there is a large element left for you to discover for yourself.  I will be your guide on this quest, and will be with you every step of the way.  With the assistance of this website and some rad media channels, we embark on an epic journey to discover the meaning of living life inspired.

Should you have any questions or textual/photographic submissions on what you think it means to give'r, please contact me via email - HughBette@give-r.com.

I look forward to seeing the world with a little more give'r in it!
-Hugh Bette

ps.  You might wonder why it is spelled give-r on the website, but spelled give'r everywhere else?  Well, we have Al Gore to thank for that, 'cause the internet won't let us write give'r.com.  We obviously don't sweat the small stuff.

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