The End of a Season - A Perfect Chance to Give'r

    As with all great things, the official winter ski season must come to an end.  With over 5 months of winter (in a year where many places got a "get-out-of-winter free pass"), 373" of snow, and thousands upon thousands of visitors to this great place, a time of change is upon us.  The past week has presented some incredible opportunities to celebrate this sad, yet uncontrollable change of pace here in Jackson Hole, WY.  Last weekend marked the 7th Annual Mountain Festival, where all come together to ski, snowboard and enjoy live music, sunshine and remaining snow in the Tetons.  On Saturday evening, a parking lot was transformed into a concert venue as Elk Attack ( and G-Love and Special Sauce ( blessed the valley with some great tunes.


    There is something about music that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together that is simply amazing.  We were happy to be a part of it and to have the band showing a little Give'r Love and Special Sauce.  It was a gorgeous night, filled with energetic music, screaming fans, a lot of grooving and some fireworks as icing on the cake.  Not sure there is a better way to celebrate the end of something so special.

    Following the Mountain Festival, April 1st marked the celebration of Gaper Day at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (  What is Gaper Day you ask?  Well, it is a day where one can dress up in pretty much whatever you want and have as much fun as possible, not aggressively skiing.  Think a lot of pizzas, animated jump turns when not necessary, frequent stopping, and the chance to step back and make a little fun of ourselves and others who take skiing a little too seriously.


    This past weekend marked the final days for public skiing.  In true Give'r fashion, the costume boxes were emptied and the slopes were teeming with fluorescent colors, one-sies, wigs, Tu-tus, snow-blades, aggressive shades and a whole lot of denim.  A chance to be thankful for all the opportunities in such a beautiful place surrounded by people who are all about having fun.  No better way to wrap up a season than deciding to simply Give'r!

-Hugh Bette

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