The Give'r Quitters

The essence of Given'r is to fully commit to the task at hand.  This could mean buckling down for months to complete your thesis…charging through the final 100 ft. of a marathon…staying awake for 24 straight hours on an ER trauma shift…powering through freezing cold weather in the backcountry to set up camp in a foot of snow…raising children...or changing your life’s course to pursue your ultimate dream.  The examples are endless, but the requisite for all is the same - to give 100% and overcome challenge.  This is to Give'r.

While maintaining full focus and attention all day, every day, is not physically possible, we believe rest and recuperation is necessary to recharge the batteries.  Enter the Give'r Quitters.


Inspired by Give’r enthusiasts Courtney, Rob and Tim, the Give’r Quitters are the ideal vehicle to rest up and slow’er down for a bit.  With a trifecta of comfort, warmth and a relaxed fit, these micro-fleece lined pants usher in a new era of downtime when not firing on all cylinders.  Not only do they allow for the maximum degree of renewal, they eloquently inform those around you that, for the time being, you have punched the clock and are taking some “me time”.

By encouraging others to Give’r in all that they do, we feel it is only appropriate to provide a means of rejuvenation…and the Quitters foot the bill.

-Hugh Bette
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