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Sometimes choosing to Give’r means sending it outdoors, buying a plane ticket to the travel the world, or finally clicking "submit" for your job/school application. 

Other times, choosing to Give'r means lending a hand to another. Over the past year we’ve done a lot behind the scenes to Give'r in this way, doing what we can to support people and organizations we believe in and who ask for help.

We haven't said much about this, as we don't do these things for recognition ... we help because it is who we are at our core, and it is how we want to live and operate as people, a company and a community.
With that said, we also realize that seeing others give back can inspire all of us to go the extra inch ... the extra foot ... or the extra mile.

And, since it’s ultimately you all, our loyal customers, who enable these initiatives, we thought you'd like to know more about how your support of Give'r empowers greater good in the world around us.


1% for the Planet Members

Philanthropy - Giving Back - Give'r - 1% for the Planet - 1% for the Tetons

We're thankful to be members of 1% for the Planet and 1% for the Tetons - committing to reduce our impact on the environment and contributing to local and global efforts to achieve a more sustainable way of living on this great planet. We donate 1% of all our revenue (not profits) to 1% for the Planet and 1% for the Tetons.

There are actually a couple of auctions for Give’r Gloves currently live! Check ‘em out and make a bid!

1% for the Planet: Auction Page for 4-Season Gloves:

1% for the Planet: Auction Page for Classic Gloves:


Vertical Harvest - Equipping Their Crew!

Philanthropy - Giving Back - Give'r - Vertical Harvest We're grateful for people like Give'r Ambassador Jen Tennican.  She has been an awesome guide and inspiration to us, as she lives out her Give'r mentality to no end!  In support of her work with Hearts of Glass and Vertical Harvest, we were able to equip their staff, volunteers and crew with Give'r Gloves.  Such an awesome connection and so stoked to make that happen!

All Hands Volunteers - Gloves for Hurricane Relief Workers

We were happy to connect with the team at All Hands as their volunteers dispatched to Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands and beyond to assist in rebuilding hope in the communities that were devastated by hurricanes this fall.  We learned of their need for sturdy, durable and tough gloves to use for demolition and debris clearing and we were psyched to provide over 150 volunteers with Give'r Gloves to aid in the rebuilding process.


Risers 4 Rett - Custom Give'r Gear for Participants

Philanthropy - Giving Back - Give'r - Risers for Rhett

We were psyched to support Risers 4 Rett, a fundraising organization for Rett's Syndrome research. We donated auction items and custom Give'r Gear for all participants!

Henry's Fork Foundation

We're glad to support efforts to preserve and enable sustainable use and enjoyment of our rivers and wilderness surrounding the Henry's Fork of the Snake River! We donated several items for fundraising efforts to the Henry's Fork Foundation


KHOL - Local Community Radio

Philanthropy - Giving Back - Give'r - KHOLWe're jazzed to stand behind our local community radio station, KHOL, through fundraising efforts and membership drives!  We appreciate the passion and energy that is needed to sustain local community radio and do all we can to provide product donations, contributions and gift certificates to generate community support!


Protect Our Winters

Philanthropy - Giving Back - Give'r - POW

We believe mightily in in Protect Our Winters (POW), an organization that is working to corral the snow sports industry's efforts and resources to address climate change. This year we donated a sizable amount of goods for its big "Snow Ball" fundraiser. 


Other Organizations We’ve Donated to This Year ...

Local & Regional Groups - Doing Big Things in and around Jackson Hole:

Kiwanis Club (Jackson Hole), Jackson Hole Ski Club, Habitat for Humanity, Teton Science Schools and Spread the Love Commission (donated 200+ pairs of gloves to homeless in Salt Lake City, Jackson and other regional communities in need). 

National Groups:

Glacier National Park Conservatory, VeloSano Bike Fundraiser (Ohio), University Snow Week (Otago, New Zealand), The Sierra Club, Wilderness Education Association and Student Sponsor Partners (NYC).

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